Since early child hood I have been playing games my early first consoles consisted of an Atari, Gameboy Color a Sony PlayStation and a Nintendo 64.

I remember playing all these great games in childhood playing games like Walt Disney's The Jungle Book, Game Freak's Pokemon, Rare's 007 GoldenEye and much more.

When I started out in high school I was fascinated by all games that I played I became interested in how they actually work I then began making games myself following online tutorials and creating what I could with various game engines.

On my ways to school I would be working on my games on the bus to and from school.

Eventually a friend of mine and I managed to run command prompt through a notepad file and then granted ourselves admin permissions uploading our favorite games like Halo and many Flash games to the schools shared network.

We eventually had the idea of uploading out own creations onto the school's network as well.

It was one day when I walked into the school's library during a lunch break that I found one of the students playing one of my very own games on one of the school's computer, it was here when I decided what I wanted to do as a career create video games.

It really felt satisfying knowing something I created could bring someone else a joyful experience.

Ever since this moment I have studied at various universities learning new things every day and rarely ever dropping the ball with my game development work and art.